Amarante was born in the 12th century when Saint Gonçalo arrived there, and pilgrims could not resist passing by to hear the preacher. Currently, the bridge and the church of Saint Gonçalo are the highlights of a historic center full of charm.

The citadel of Bragança is the oldest urban center in the city. Here, the castle’s keep, the pillory, the Domus Municipalis and the church of Sainte Mary stand out. The Iberian Mask and Costume Museum preserves and promotes the identity and culture of this people.

Miranda do Douro receives charter from king Afonso Henriques and grew up around the castle. The period between the 16th and mid-17th centuries was one of great splendour. Peace with the Castilians made Miranda one of the most important trade centers between the two countries. In the Cathedral we find the image of Baby Jesus of the “Cartolinha”, much venerated by the people of Miranda.

From the reign of king Afonso III (13th century), Trancoso became an important mercantile center, as one of the oldest and most popular fairs in the kingdom took place here, which has come to this day as the Fair of Saint Bartholomew. Trancoso was the place chosen by kind Dinis to celebrate his wedding with the Holy Queen, Isabel of Aragon.

Places to visit:

  • Amarante (historic center and church of Saint Gonçalo)
  • Bragança (historic center, castle and Iberian Mask and Costume Museum)
  • Miranda do Douro (historic center and Catedral of Miranda)
  • Trancoso (historic center)