Let’s go to Lisbon…

“Paródia Nacional” presented at Parque Mayer, is a tribute to television, a hilarious caricature of Portuguese channels and media figures not only from television, but also from politics, sport and society. It has a lineup full of well-known faces such as Marina Albuquerque, Paulo Vasco, Miguel Dias, Cátia Garcia, Teresa Zenaida, Marco Marques, Bea Moreira, Lucila Pereira, André David Reis and Cidália Moreira, the fado attraction.

Laura Alves was the greatest Portuguese actress of the 20th century. “Laura – The Musical”, presented at Teatro Politeama, covers different periods in the life of the great actress and focuses on the most important events in the history of Portugal from the end of the 1st Republic to the turn of the 21st century. Laura Alves was born at the end of the 1st Republic, into a poor family in Lisbon. She made her debut at Teatro Politeama and quickly became popular thanks to her excellent skills as a comedian. Sissi Martins plays the role of Laura and Rui Andrade plays the role of Vasco Morgado, forming the main couple of this story.

Places to visit:

  • Parque Mayer Theater – show “Paródia Nacional” or Politeama Theater – show “Laura – O Musical”