The Royal Falconry of Salvaterra de Magos dates from the eighteenth century, and arose because hunting was always one of the favorite pastimes of the royal family. The beauty of the beach of Arrifana welcomes you to the Algarve.

Lagos and Sagres are inseparable from Prince Henry and his role in the Discoveries. The Ponta da Bandeira Fort was one of the last defensive points built in Lagos. The Cape of Saint Vincent is the extreme southwest of Portugal.

The Museum of Portimão is housed in the old Feu cannery, and tells the history of the city. Silves was the first capital of the Algarve until the mid-16th century, when it was transferred to Faro, largely because of the silting up of the Arade river.

Places to visit:

  • Royal Falconry of Salvaterra de Magos
  • Beach of Arrifana
  • Lagos (Church of Saint Antony, Church of Sainte Mary, Slave Market (exterior), Wall and Governor’s House, Ponta da Bandeira Fort)
  • Fortress of Sagres
  • Cape of Saint Vincent
  • Beach of Rocha
  • Portimão (Museum of Portimão)
  • Silves (castle and cathedral)


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