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Other suggestions for visits

Douro Coast

The Douro Coast enchants for its religiosity but also for its landscapes. A place of passage and trade, it has always had great economic importance.

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Alto Alentejo

Alto Alentejo is marked by its beautiful landscapes and its villages with history. The extraction os marble is one of the economic activities that mark the region.

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Mountain Estrela

It is in the Mountain of Estrela that the Mondego river is born; the Torre (Tower) is the highest point in mainland Portugal. But the mountain is full of other natural and gastronomic beauties, where the famous Queijo da Serra (cheese) stands out.

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Aveiro is known as the “Portuguese Venice” because of the channels that spread through the city. Region linked to the salt and to the boat Moliceiro.

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Coimbra was the first capital of Portugal. Here you find the oldest University of the country and the tombs of the first kings of Portugal.

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