Mira d’Aire

The Natural Salt-pans of Rio Maior result from a rock salt mine crossed by an underground stream that feeds a well. The water extracted from it is seven times saltier than that of the sea.

The Caves of Mira d’Aire are one of the seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. It was in 1947 that the first men entered there. It has 11 km of extension, 600 m open to the public.

Porto de Mós was conquered from the Moors by D. Fuas Roupinho. The pentagonal plan of the castle, with a tower at each angle, makes this site unique.

Places to visit:

  • Natural Salt-pans of Rio Maior
  • Caves of Mira d’Aire
  • Option 1: Water Park Aquagruta / Option 2: Porto de Mós


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